Warframe Missions: Part 2 – Other Inner Planet Missions

In the previous part of this series, I discussed the most common mission types in Warframe. Those missions represent a bulk of the nodes in the Solar system, but there are a smattering of nodes with other types. While not as many, these additional mission types add variety to the starting planets. Many of the quests in Warframe use these particular mission types, occasionally with a twist.
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Warframe Missions: Part 1 – the Basic Missions

There are a large variety of mission types in Warframe. This series of articles is intended to cover the most common types of missions in the inner planets so new players know what to expect. In this post, the first of the series, I will cover navigating nodes and the three most common mission types and their variations. Additionally, I will provide some advice for the beginning player regarding how hard a mission may be and if it solo-friendly.

Each planet, dwarf planet or moon has a set of nodes named after things associated with it. Usually each node has one mission assigned to it. However alerts, invasions, syndicate missions or nightmare missions may share the node with the original. When selecting a shared node, you will be presented with a menu of all the available missions to choose from. Nodes can appear normal, outlined with a glow or shadowed/faded. The normal appearance means you have completed the node previously. All nodes connected to that node will be outlined with a glow unless you have also completed them. This means they are unlocked and available for you to complete the mission located there. Finally, there are nodes that are not unlocked, and therefore unavailable to you. These are displayed shadowed-out without a border and indicate they are locked.
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Warframe New Player FAQ

Warframe is a very complex game and can be daunting to new players. Here are some of the questions that I had when I was starting out or I have heard repeatedly by new players. The goal of this post is to cover the more common situations, but there may be many more questions than listed here. Let me know if you have a different question, a different answer to a question or need more clarification on a topic in the comments.

With that, here are the questions and my answers:
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Warframe Universe

Warframe takes place in the distant future of our own solar system with many of our planets and moons as locations for the myriad missions. You play as a Tenno awoken from cryosleep by the Lotus who serves as your guide in the game. You awoke within a Warframe which channels Void energy in concrete ways based on which Warframe you have equipped. Two factions, the Grineer and the Corpus, fight over control of the solar system. A third faction, the Infested, are a mutual enemy to everyone as they are an uncontrolled infection spreading through the system.

Digital Extremes has not released an official canon outside of snippets in quests and codex entries. Speculation on lore is a hot topic on the forums, but I hope to keep what is in the game clearly separated from my personal beliefs (which I call head-canon) in this article. One of the biggest unknowns is what exactly a Tenno is. Do the Tenno actually have a physical form or are they beings of energy/spirit? How do they inhabit the Warframe?

But here is what we know, and some of my personal speculation to go with it. I will try to avoid spoilers for anything beyond the first two introductory quests.
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Warframe Introduction

Warframe is a Free-to-Play third person shooter from Digital Extremes. You play as a Tenno who operates the eponomous Warframes on a wide variety of mission types typically in co-op squads of up to four other players. It was released as an open beta on the PC in March of 2013 with the PS4 version arriving in November of that year. In September 2014 the beta was extended to the XB1.

Digital Extremes was best known for their collaboration with Epic Megagames working on the Unreal franchise. In 2008 they released their own original IP and game engine in the game Dark Sector on PC and the current consoles of the time. Many of the elements in Dark Sector appear in Warframe, but it is not clear if the game should be considered the prequel or merely a spiritual successor.

Warframe stands out from other games in a variety of ways, mostly because of the enormous number of choices available. There are over a dozen different mission types including killing all the enemies or bosses in a level, defending positions and a horde-mode style survival mode. Each Warframe (currently over two dozen types) has four distinct abilities. Warframes can equip a primary weapon, a secondary weapon and a melee weapon with over 200 different weapons to choose from. There are companions you can take on missions, including the dog-like Kubrow and the floating drone Sentinel. In addition, all of these are upgraded with Mods – reusable “cards” that improve the various statistics of the item. The game is constantly evolving as a beta with new Warframes, weapons, missions and other items being released on a regular schedule.
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Why Warframe?

You will be seeing a variety of Warframe articles in this blog. I have been playing the game for about a year now and wanted to put together a webpage for my clan The GryphonStar Platoon on the XB1. As I was thinking about the content I would put on the page, I realized there were a lot of subjects I would be interested in covering for both my clan mates and the general new player.

This will be a work-in-progress for a while, so let me know what you think and/or topics to cover in the comments below.