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    Gryphon Star Publishing wants to create a community of gamers and the their ideas. These guidelines primarily exist to foster that community. The moderators will base their actions on these rules, so it behooves you to follow them.


    1. Treat the fellow members of the forum with respect, whether you are in a direct conversation with them or not. This means no trolling, ad hominem or personal attacks. Address issues about the topic, not the person.
    2. We ask that you stay generally on topic. If you want to veer off the current conversation, we encourage you to start a new topic.
    3. Swearing, while not currently forbidden, is discouraged. It is rarely necessary to make your point and is hostile to the community. Regardless, foul language in topic subjects will likely result in some type of moderator action.
    4. Real life politics and religion (and in some places sports) rarely result in constructive conversation and is therefore a discouraged topic here. Even if it is germane to the topic, such as the basis of a modern setting, it can devolve into a hostile argument.
    5. If something is wrong, let an admin or moderator know.

    Posting Advice

    1. Use short and clear topic titles to help others find your post.
    2. Use paragraphs, lists and links to make your post more legible.

    Posts that will get moderator action

    1. Excessive or repeated violations of the General Guidelines above, and/or ignoring the moderators can result in your account being blocked.
    2. Spam, links to warez/gambling/porn, drive-by malware links and other content of dubious nature will be removed and the account posting will likely be blocked.
    3. While this should not need to be said specifically with the General Guidelines above – racist, sexist and homophobic posts are not allowed.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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