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My Tools

I was involved in a discussion recently about what IDE is the best. Like many things it is a very subjective thing, and depends heavily on what you are coding, what your team is using, and often what you are … Continue reading

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Quote Code – Part 2

In this post, I am going to cover the Admin UI elements of the Quote of the Day code. You can read the previous post to see how I created the custom QOTD post and the tag taxonomy. In that … Continue reading

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Connexions and Code

You may have noticed from the last couple of articles that I have an interest in both role-playing games and programming. I am taking a quick break from writing code for the Connexions RPG, which is primarily intended to played … Continue reading

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Quote Code – Part 1

When starting with a new technology (in this case WordPress) I like to give myself a simple little project to get to know the platform, the APIs and the supporting languages. Back when I was teaching, one of the exercises was … Continue reading

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