Who We Are

Gryphon Star Publishing is dedicated to providing gamers with the game they want to play, the way they want to play it.

Our current project is the Connexions Role Playing Game, designed to be a flexible framework for you to build your campaign on. Plug in what you need to make your game the way you want it. Extend it to be the perfect fit for your style. We are here to support you.

The Team

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Just the guy trying to keep everything running around here...

Contact Us

Contact Us



The Technology

Gryphonstar.com is hosted at GreenGeeks. The primary platform is WordPress and the forums are powered by bbPress. Integration with Facebook, Google and Yahoo provided by AddThis using their Social Sign In plugin. The share buttons were designed and provided by Simple Share Buttons. If you want to know about a particular feature, ask us in the Administration Forum.

The badges from MoodleBadges.com licensed under Creative Commons and additional badges from Symbly licensed under Creative Commons - Share Alike