Warframe Missions: Part 2 – Other Inner Planet Missions

In the previous part of this series, I discussed the most common mission types in Warframe. Those missions represent a bulk of the nodes in the Solar system, but there are a smattering of nodes with other types. While not as many, these additional mission types add variety to the starting planets. Many of the quests in Warframe use these particular mission types, occasionally with a twist.

Capture and Deception
In both of these mission types you will be required to move through the map to your target. In the case of Deception, your target will be a terminal which you will need to bring a datamass. Like Mobile Defense, while carrying the datamass you will be limited to only your secondary or melee weapon. In Capture your target is an enemy of the appropriate Faction. When spotted your foe will run away and you will need to down him to complete the mission before he escapes. The Deception waypoint will be the standard yellow waypoint, while the Capture target will be a red marker. Extraction is available when you finish your goal.

Minus the moving target in Capture, the strategy is generally the same. Move toward your goal until you reach it and either insert the datamass or down your target. You do not have to kill all of the enemies in either mission. This means a fast and/or stealthy Warframe can quickly complete the mission. If you can avoid getting bogged down in pitch battles and you are able to deal enough damage to down the target in Capture, both of these missions are solo friendly at most levels. Random public games often have the more experienced players racing ahead to the target, which can present problems to low level Warframes who get left behind.

Sabotage is very similar to Deception and Capture missions. You will have one or more stationary targets to destroy and extraction is available once all are dealt with. The previous tactics generally apply to Sabotage. Unlike Capture and Deception, Sabotage has a large number of variations based on the planet and tileset that warrants some additional notes.

The first variation can take place on ships, where you are tasked with destroying a reactor. In some random cases, the ship’s integrity is compromised and you have a limited time to get to extraction (displayed on the left of the screen) before you fail the mission. Another variation, typical to Grineer Asteroids, requires you to destroy multiple targets spread through the map. On Earth, the Tenno are asked to sabotage the Toxin Injector poisoning the forests. When this is done, the goal becomes similar to Mobile Defense and you will need to protect the Injector until it overloads.

While not on inner planets, Infested and Void Sabotage mission variations exist. Infested Sabotage is called Hive and involves destroying several Hives, which requires you to first destroy Infested Tumors near the Hives to make them vulnerable to attack. When you destroy a Hive node, a random negative environmental effect will occur. These effects include viral or magnetic clouds, active turrets or lasers, reduction of shields and lower gravity. Orokin Sabotage is actually a combination of Mobile Defense, Assassination and finally Sabotage in stages.

On Earth, Uranus, Eris and in the Void, Sabotage missions include 3 Resource Caches as an optional side mission. Opening a cache will grant the entire squad a hidden reward. The rewards increase as more caches are opened. Normally these rewards are based on the resources and rewards typically dropped on the planet.

Rescue and Spy
In these two missions your goal is to make your way to a special tileset which will either be a prison for Rescue or several secured vaults in Spy. Once there, you are encouraged to use stealth to hack various consoles either to free a prisoner or extract information. For Rescue missions you additionally must keep the prisoner safe until extraction. In both cases, triggering alarms start a countdown which will kill the prisoner or destroy the data.

In the prison block during Corpus and Grineer Rescue missions, there will be special enemy units called Wardens. These units are much tougher than the other foes on a given level and when they detect you they trigger the alarm. While there are no Wardens in Infested Rescue missions, there will be lasers that must be avoided that serve the same purpose. During Spy missions there are a wide variety of threats that can trigger the alarm including cameras, drones and enemy units.

As mentioned, these two game types encourage stealth once you are in the prison or vault. However, until you reach that tile and after you secure the objective you can use whatever technique works best for you. Patience is generally the key to success in these maps and spending some time studying the locations and movement of the various obstacles allow you to plan the best route to the goal. The alternate approach is speed. Racing to the target console(s) and using Cyphers can beat the mission without stealth as can destroying the cameras, drones and Wardens before the alert is sounded.

Each planet, dwarf planet and moon has a “boss node” which generally unlocks the next location and drops blueprints for either Warframes or weapons specific to the boss. The goal is to make it through an endless number of enemies to the specific tile where the boss is waiting. Once you reach that point there is a brief cinematic and the battle begins.

Bosses tend to have several attack types and most require you to hit specific weak-points to be effective. A few bosses have multiple stages which require different tactics to complete. Because of these factors, it is best to either go on these missions with someone who can show you the best way to defeat the target or read up on the boss via the Wiki. One important tactic common to all bosses is that the squad should try to stay together.

For beginners, boss fights can be difficult to solo, mostly because the low damage that new players can do to heavily armored/shielded opponents. Many bosses also have attack that can easily down Warframes that don’t equip stronger defensive mods. When playing in a public group it is not unusual for more experienced players to rush to the boss, leaving the less experienced to fend off the enemies in the way. When this happens, these missions become poor PUG experiences, but otherwise a good mission type to join with random players.

This the only Endless mission type in Part 2, and often one of the most confusing for new players. The goal is to capture up to four points (marked A – D on your minimap) and hold them until the meter in the upper left reaches 100% control. The points are captured by standing in the indicated area with no other enemies near by. The enemies simply have to use a console in the same area to steal control of that point. If the enemy gains 100% control the mission fails. When you get 100% control, the Lotus will tell you to finish off the remaining foes and you will have the option to fight another round or collect you current rewards and exit the mission.

Your first priority is to begin capturing points. The points start under enemy control and will often get to 5% in the first round simply from the time it takes to start capturing points. Once three or preferably all points are captured, you will need to shift to the defensive and prevent the enemy from converting them. The letter on the minimap will flash to alert you a point is being converted, but it is better to find a location where you can watch for foes using the console. Crowd Control (CC) is key, especially if you are trying to solo this mission.

Interception is extremely difficult to solo, and likely impossible for most new players despite the reduced spawn rate. PUGs may be inefficient without communication, but are effective especially with 3-4 members.

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